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We are a community-focused design studio that works with local businesses and brands that we really care about.
We bridge the gap between freelancers and agencies, producing great work guided by refined systems and processes that make your life easier.
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We grew up in Chichester and quickly became friends through a shared love of Latin—maybe. We went off to university to study design, economics and finance, and after graduating both went to work in London.

Bruce worked for a range of start-ups and creative studios before starting his own. Teaching courses in design in London before working internationally, managing teams in London, Toronto, Edmonton and Vancouver. Bruce built courses in UX/UI, learning design and instructional training.

Adam worked in central government advising on policy implementation and strategy before moving back to Chichester to lead on marketing for his family's business.

After developing a shared set of values and working practices we were inspired to collaborate and combine our skills.

Wanting to return to projects and people that we care about, we came back to Chichester and founded Stane St. Studio: a space for genuine, community-led collaboration.
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We care about local businesses. We build diverse networks within our community, and are always there to support our clients and engage with those around us.

We strive to produce beautiful work, bringing our skill set to a diverse range of businesses, which will always meet the specific needs of our clients.

We never compromise on quality in anything we do, ensuring that we are always technically excellent, and we understand that good work takes time.

We give ourselves room to explore creatively and conceptually, producing bespoke, unique and interesting work through our explorative processes.

We always take great care and consideration in every aspect of our work, never taking on projects we can't dedicate 100% of ourselves towards.

We are open, transparent and honest in what we do. We build long-term, trusting relationships and we're always accountable at every step of the process.
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We've listed our services below, and if there's anything else you'd like to talk about, don’t hesitate to get in touch.
Website Design‍
Responsive Website Design
Website Development

Our Network
Graphic Design‍
Brand Identity & Design Systems
UX Design
UI Design
Marketing Collateral & Content
Packaging & Point of Sale
Publication Design
Exhibition Curation

Learning Tools & Training

Strategy & Campaign
Email Marketing
Social Media Management
SEO & Analytics
If you think we can help or you’re after some advice, we’d love to hear from you:
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STANE ST - Choosing Our Name
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COMMUNITY - Our First Principle
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EXPLORATION - Our Second Principle