Our Second Principle: Exploration
This is the second in a short series of journal entries that highlight and explore in greater detail each of our guiding principles that our studio pins to the wall.
The creative industry and particularly the tech industry are forever changing at a rapid pace. Existing practices are evolving and new tools, technologies and ways of working are always springing up. It is therefore crucial that our work reflects an understanding of this and that we are able to turn a potentially daunting prospect to our clients advantage. We knew when setting up our studio that we always want to be at the forefront of the industry, and that's why our second principle is: Exploration
To explore creatively requires space. In practice, this means taking the time to approach problems in different ways; to research thoroughly, spending more time on generating more complete ideas, and to not be afraid of starting fresh if something isn't working. It was important for us to build this explorative space into the foundations of our studio right from the outset. We give ourselves enough time to develop our own skillset and knowledge of the industry so that we are able to apply this to our clients' project in the most meaningful way possible.
We start the majority of our projects by working on the core concepts: what does this business stand for or represent, who uses the services or products and what problem are we required to solve? Having this deep understanding forms the building blocks for creative visual representation and produces work that has impact and provides tangible results.
It is crucial for us to have a deep understanding of any area we work or consult on. For example, when it comes to the design, we know there are a fundamental set of rules which if not applied can result in unsuitable work. We make sure we are constantly improving our understanding and knowledge of these rules to ensure the work we produce remains at the highest quality. It boils down to getting the simple stuff right, and as a studio we make sure that we adhere to this.
We use our industry experience to bring our clients a range of the very best solutions that are based on a real understanding of what is happening in the creative industry. Instead of stretching ourselves and taking on too many projects, we'd rather give ourselves space for creativity and learning. We believe that if we are excited and engaged by the work we are doing and how we go about producing this work, that ultimately this will pass onto our clients. Exploring new practices and creative models allows an evolving workflow that will keep us relevant and ensure our work is innovative.
This approach serves to ultimately make your lives easier and focus on the parts of the business that you love. Bringing this together we have:

We give ourselves room to explore creatively and conceptually, producing bespoke, unique and interesting work through our explorative processes.
By Adam and Bruce
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