Our First Principle: Community
This is the first in a short series of journal entries that highlight and explore in greater detail each of our guiding principles that our studio pins to the wall.
Before we started working with any clients, it was important for us to fully align on what we wanted to achieve but also how we achieve it. Through a series of exercises, we produced our set of guiding principles. We use these principles to inform all of our actions, ensuring that we support everything we stand for, continue to reinforce our reputation, and ultimately fulfil our mission. The first principle that we are going to explore is: Community
We both grew up in Chichester, where there has always been a tight-knit community of local independent businesses and shop owners. Bruce's grandparents ran their family shop MacFarlanes in the centre of the city and three years ago Adam's parents opened Chichester's first gin distillery. The response from the local community and the continued support from the city's local businesses has been incredible, so we know first-hand what a difference local support makes.
We have always appreciated the higher quality of everything that results from the freedom and creative flexibility from smaller businesses. This variety keeps things interesting and exciting, giving us all the opportunity to explore new things. We take this ethos into our work, tailoring bespoke projects to the specific needs of our clients, making sure that we play our part in being a local business with the ability to do things a little differently.
It is great to get to know the people that you are supporting in the local community, building relationships that last a long time. We have always seen the value in different people's opinions and experiences and use this to enhance our projects but also our working practices.
We firmly believe that it's the small firms that make the difference. We also know that some small firms do not have the capacity to take advantage of new digital technologies, which we think should be at the heart of any business growth strategy. We want to help small businesses navigate this landscape and help them grow within their communities.
We love sharing what we're up to and hearing about the great things or challenges others are facing and try to support where we can. Our main channel for this is through the workshops we run, our community space and writing on all things tech, design and development.
Bringing this together, our first guiding principle is:

We care about local businesses and work to build diverse networks with those around us. We are welcoming, inclusive and always here to support our clients and engage with our community.
By Adam and Bruce
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